Jerry Martin is now registered to dispense medical marijuana that has been obtained from a commercial, licensed grower to people.

Medical marijuana dispensary opens in town

Martin Medical Services – Medical Marijuana Dispensary & Cannabis Oil Extractors is a newer addition to a business located in Whitewood. Jerry Martin’s business at 604 3rd Avenue in Whitewood is a ... More »

Students walked in freezing weather as part of the Kookums and Mooshums Against Drug and Alcohol Walk at Ochapowace First Nation.

Awareness walk held on Ochapowace First Nation

Drug and Alcohol Abuse. We all know of someone or heard about someone going down a bad path of alcohol or drugs, someone who has lost everything — perhaps even their own ... More »

Whitewood Arena

Questions raised about recreation in town

Questions about the Whitewood Community Centre, the splash park and the outdoor rink were brought to the attention of the mayor and council at the recent public forum held. It was asked ... More »

Cold Weather

New cold record set in Broadview area

Call it polar vortex, or whatever you want, it has been just plain old nasty cold for the past week to 10 days. Last Friday, Nov. 14 was especially cold and 15 ... More »

Bear, Shayanne

Shayanne Bear skates way to Provincial title

Shayanne Bear’s hard work and dedication to her sport has once again proved successful for her as she became the Provincial Novice Ladies Champion at the Saskatchewan Sectionals held in Melville last ... More »

We’ll just have to agree to disagree

Like most married couples, my wife and I disagree about certain things. But it doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. Disagreements amongst happy couples are a normal part of any relationship. In fact, it is necessary to surviving it....

Air Canada slogan takes on a whole new meaning

As someone who has over the years flown across this vast country of ours on numerous occasions, I always had complete confidence in the people who were flying the plane. Sure, you may get the odd grumpy flight attendant but...

We must not let tragedy in Ottawa change us

The very heart of our democracy was violently attacked in Ottawa on Wednesday morning, bringing with it a realization that Canadian soil is not immune to terrorism. Details are still sketchy at the time I write this but what is...

What’s weird? Depends which planet you’re from.

They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. For anyone who hasn’t read the book by the same title, let me paraphrase it for you (I actually haven’t read it – I had to Google what...

I hate winter – and people who don’t have it

There are people out there who choose to live in places where it is warm and tropical, snow and ice are nonexistent, sunshine is abundant, shorts and sandals are year round attire, and a day at the beach enjoying the...

My pee pee patience is wearing thin

I am a patient person. At least I think I am. My wife will tell you I am actually the polar opposite however. She says I have zero patience, and as a result, I often try her patience. But her...

A sexist situation in our national anthem

It doesn’t take a lot of thought or experience for most people to come to the realization that there are two kinds of people in this world: 1) People who are over-sensitive about everything. 2) The rest of us. Earlier...

Ron Holloway new head coach of PJHL Fort Knox

The Fort Knox of the Prairie Junior Hockey League (PJHL) have a new coach this season, but he certainly isn’t new to any hockey circles in Saskatchewan. The Knox announced recently that Ron Holloway has become a part of their...

Birth control for men is coming soon

They say if you build it, they will come. In this instance, I am not sure that really applies. Ladies, be prepared to be wowed! Men, you will probably laugh at first and then cringe once I get into the...

Kamsack makes bid to join Triangle Hockey League

The Triangle Hockey League (THL) could grow to 10 teams this season if an application from a Kamsack team is approved. The Kamsack Flyers are looking for a new league after the Wheatland League was disbanded. The Flyers, who joined...