Ochap Gas Meter (Vehicle)

Homes evacuated after SUV slams into house gas meter

Two homes on the Ochapowace First Nation were evacuated and the road closed for half a mile on either side after an accident early Saturday morning where a vehicle slammed into a ... More »

Kerri Stevenson (left) and her friend Melissa Gagnon

Former resident biking across Canada for fun

The idea of cycling from Vancouver, BC to St. John’s, NL to see Canada was something Kerri Stevenson, 30, thought would be a great way to transition between jobs and to spend ... More »

Whitewood Town Office

Town to meet with Red Coat about landfill fees

Discussion was held at the last town council meeting about the large amount of refuse being deposited at the Whitewood landfill. The increase in usage has come from the recent flooding of ... More »

Larson Park during the July long weekend flood

Council discusses where flood improvements needed

Now that the water levels are subsiding in the Town of Whitewood, the members of Town Council have been discussing areas that can be improved upon in the event of another such ... More »

Example of a sump pump illegally draining into the sewer line

New fines are set for sump pump drainage

If you are running your sump pump hose into your floor drain or into the town sewer system by any means, the Town of Whitewood is requesting that it be removed. These ... More »

Sweatpants in public are never okay

I have a pet peeve about people who wear sweatpants in public. Okay, it’s not so much a pet peeve as it is a hatred. A hatred that makes me actually cringe when I see people wearing them. First of...

Nephew of resident selected 7th overall in NHL Entry Draft

When the 2014 NHL Draft was held June 27 and 28at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pa., two people that were glued to the results were Whitewood’s Ron and Shawna (Fleury) Unsworth. Considered to be a top 10 pick...

Canada Day filled with spirit(s)

You can take our basements, but you will never take our spirits. Okay, that may be a bad reference to the famed William Wallace quote from the movie Braveheart where he yells, “They may take our lives, but they”ll never...

New winners at school marathon

Rain didn’t stop the annual Gerry Norick Marathon from going ahead at the Whitewood School last Thursday morning and for the first time in three years, two new runners claimed first place in the three kilometer run for both the...

We are Canada – that place above the USA

Canada is about to turn 147 years old on July 1st. Canada – you know, the place where snow, maple syrup, poutine and Celine Dion come from. That country where the national police force rides horses, dresses in red serge...

Falcons soar high with four wins and 52 runs

The Whitewood Falcons seemed to have found their groove in the Southeast Men’s Fastball League after the team went undefeated in their last four games, scoring 52 runs while only giving up 13. The Falcons began their point spree on...

The solution to embarrassing buys

Some people embarrass easy. When it comes to men, we embarrass even easier. There is a fear that exists within almost every man out there who is involved in a relationship of some sort with a woman. It is a...

Whitewood Ringleaders move up derby standings

The Whitewood Ringleader Rollergirls hosted a roller derby tournament last weekend where the team’s performance on the track saw their Canadian rank move up substantially. Roller derby is an American-invented contact sport that is played predominantly by females. The game...

Don’t condemn the promotion of a condom

Every once in a while you see something happen that just screams to have a column written about it. But as you begin to sit down and write it, you realize that it is one of those topics that must...

Poncelet Memorial set to tee off July 5

Whitewood’s largest annual one day golf tournament is fast approaching and organizers are hoping to see a repeat of last year’s record setting event. The Chad & Blake Poncelet Memorial Golf Tournament will take place this year on Saturday, July...