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Whitewood population up slightly

For the second year in a row, a new population record was set for the community of Whitewood according to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health’s annual covered health population figures. But the ... More »

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Town applies for funds for $3.4 million lift station project

A motion to apply for funding for a new sewage pumping station and sanitary sewer upgrades was approved by Whitewood council at its Jan. 6 meeting. The application to the Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure ... More »

John Watson, along with his grandsons David and Caleb, spent an afternoon cutting wood.

Ochapowace elder loves to work with kids

Elder John Watson of Ochapowace was teaching grandchildren about the importance of cutting wood on Wednesday, January 14, “I teach my grandsons how to cut wood. I hope that in the many ... More »

Little remains of the room on the basement where the fire broke out.

Benefit supper held for family who lost home

The Boutin/Bolink Benefit supper happened on Saturday, January 17 and it was a success. It raised around $1,600 from the local support of the town, friends and family. Poncho’s Bar and Grill ... More »

Orioles Goalie

Orioles on a five game winning streak

The Orioles won their first and only back-to-back home stand of the year, beating the Theodore Buffalos 7-2 on Jan 16 and the Bredenbury Cougars 4-2 on Jan 17. The Orioles decided ... More »

Holloway resigns as Fort Knox coach

The PJHL’s Fort Qu’Appelle entry has a new interim head coach who will be quite familiar to hockey fans. Craig Geisler has taken the reins of the Junior B Fort Knox following the resignation of Ron Holloway of Broadview. “What...

The world’s best known unsolved mystery

Most people don’t even realize that one of the greatest mysteries alive is one that they don’t even realize exists. Yet, for 165 years, billions of people from all around the world have been part of the mystery. They have...

Adams tries out for National Junior Roller Derby team

Canada is creating its first ever Team Canada Junior Roller Derby team and Whitewood’s own Kaili Adams from the Small Town Smashers tried out for the junior team along with three teammates. Only one of the Small Town Smashers made...

I found inspiration in the least likely place

As many readers already know, the things I write about in this column can often be pointless, sarcastic, unproductive and quite frankly meaningless (I have just revealed what is happening in my head on a daily basis). But every once...

There is yoga, then there is naked yoga

It seems that more and more people are getting into fitness (and when I say people, I don’t mean me). Yoga is one of those fitness crazes that are quickly growing in popularity. For anyone unsure what yoga is, it...

Orioles lose 4-3 in overtime to Theodore

The Whitewood Orioles took on the Buffalos in Theodore on Nov. 15, losing a close battle 4-3 in overtime. According to Coach Brent Bachtold, they were a short bench for various reasons but the guys who showed up definitely came...

Putting up with chaos for a good cause

Have I ever told you that I hate when things are disorganized? Well if I haven’t, I just did. Our house is a disaster. And when I say a disaster I don’t mean there are a few dishes left on...

Orioles silence Thunder but mauled by Cougars

A new season is officially underway for the Whitewood Orioles in the Triangle Hockey League (THL) with them playing two road games in the league’s opening weekend. The Orioles headed to Ochapowace for their season opener on Nov. 7 where...

A sacrifice that gives new meaning

Heroes aren’t born that way, they are made. There has been a great debate over the past few weeks about what defines a hero. The discussion arises from the tragic and unjust killings of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, murdered at the...

Let’s make her birthday special

“It would make a good story. Not many 19-year-olds ask for that for their birthday,” the publisher of this newspaper recently commented. And I agree, it makes a good story. I have to write the story. The story is about...