Aerial view of flooding at Bird's Point at Round Lake (Photo by Cole Raiwet)

Solutions sought to prevent more floods

Water problems that developed this summer and that may be carried over into next year have pushed farm leaders from both Saskatchewan and Manitoba to establish a new grassroots group to look ... More »

Scam Warning

Scam targets local resident

One local resident received a phone call that he feels others should be warned about.  The man stated that the caller informed him that he had won a new vehicle (a Jeep) ... More »

Fire Truck

Fire Dept. hours increase over last year

It was a busy year for the Whitewood Fire Department (WFD) this past year, which saw their number of man hours responding to call increase by more than one-third. The WFD responded ... More »

canadian money

Local projects receive funding from CIF grant

From Aberdeen to Zenon Park, 107 Saskatchewan communities will share a total of $3,257,109 in funding, with the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) announcing approval of 245 grants that will support a wide ... More »

Orioles vs Rocanville

Tigers maul Orioles in third showdown

It was a downhill battle for the Whitewood Orioles Dec. 13, losing 10-3 in Rocanville. With their short-bench, the Orioles would not be able to rally from under in this one, losing ... More »

Adams tries out for National Junior Roller Derby team

Canada is creating its first ever Team Canada Junior Roller Derby team and Whitewood’s own Kaili Adams from the Small Town Smashers tried out for the junior team along with three teammates. Only one of the Small Town Smashers made...

I found inspiration in the least likely place

As many readers already know, the things I write about in this column can often be pointless, sarcastic, unproductive and quite frankly meaningless (I have just revealed what is happening in my head on a daily basis). But every once...

There is yoga, then there is naked yoga

It seems that more and more people are getting into fitness (and when I say people, I don’t mean me). Yoga is one of those fitness crazes that are quickly growing in popularity. For anyone unsure what yoga is, it...

Orioles lose 4-3 in overtime to Theodore

The Whitewood Orioles took on the Buffalos in Theodore on Nov. 15, losing a close battle 4-3 in overtime. According to Coach Brent Bachtold, they were a short bench for various reasons but the guys who showed up definitely came...

Putting up with chaos for a good cause

Have I ever told you that I hate when things are disorganized? Well if I haven’t, I just did. Our house is a disaster. And when I say a disaster I don’t mean there are a few dishes left on...

Orioles silence Thunder but mauled by Cougars

A new season is officially underway for the Whitewood Orioles in the Triangle Hockey League (THL) with them playing two road games in the league’s opening weekend. The Orioles headed to Ochapowace for their season opener on Nov. 7 where...

A sacrifice that gives new meaning

Heroes aren’t born that way, they are made. There has been a great debate over the past few weeks about what defines a hero. The discussion arises from the tragic and unjust killings of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, murdered at the...

Let’s make her birthday special

“It would make a good story. Not many 19-year-olds ask for that for their birthday,” the publisher of this newspaper recently commented. And I agree, it makes a good story. I have to write the story. The story is about...

We’ll just have to agree to disagree

Like most married couples, my wife and I disagree about certain things. But it doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. Disagreements amongst happy couples are a normal part of any relationship. In fact, it is necessary to surviving it....

Air Canada slogan takes on a whole new meaning

As someone who has over the years flown across this vast country of ours on numerous occasions, I always had complete confidence in the people who were flying the plane. Sure, you may get the odd grumpy flight attendant but...